In-Home Child Care

Advantages of in-home child care

In-home child care has a lot of advantages when looking for daytime care for your children. In an in-home environment, children are in a comfortable and safe location that doesn't feel like a business. They are in their second home, and can have a sense of security that gives them a chance to explore and learn. Family Traditions Child Care focuses on in-home care for children under school age, but this doesn't mean they don't learn.

In-home child care you can trust

In today's fast-paced and hectic world, getting by can be difficult. For modern families, often both parents are required to work and make ends meet, leaving small children in need of good care during the day. This can be an agonizing decision for parents to make - they want to find somewhere they will keep their child safe, entertained, educated, and fed while they are away. They want to find someone who cares as much about the welfare of their children as they do. Family Traditions Child Care is the first in-home child care facility in the country, meaning that your child has a home-away-from-home to call their own instead of a daycare facility.