“As a working mom, the hardest thing about returning to work after the birth of my daughter was finding child care that I felt comfortable with. The idea of my infant at a large day care facility with staff coming and going in shifts was terrifying. As I started to look for a private in home child care provider I became even more frustrated. I was searching for an in home provider that had structure and updates but a place where my child would get individualized attention in a home setting. BungalowBranch was exactly what I was looking for.

My daughter is one of just six children that spend the day learning and playing with Miss Kelley in her Bexley home. Kelley has three of her own children and Kelley has always treated my daughter like her forth child. Her patience with all of the children is amazing and her knowledge of child development has been a great resource to me as a first time mother. I have even called her on off hours and weekends to ask for her advice.

I love the daily email updates that my husband and I both receive. My husband works out of town often, and it is great for him to see what our daughter does at daycare while he is away. Kelley will often email pictures of fun activities the children are doing throughout the day. As a working mother it helps me feel connected to my child during the week. If my child was fussy in the morning or having a bad day I love that I am able to text Kelley and get an individual update at anytime.

Miss Kelley plans fantastic field trips for the children. My daughter loves to go on walks and play in the bounce house during the warmer months. The yearly fired trip to see Santa is something we always look forward to and the trip to Sky Zone was fun for both my daughter and I.

When I drop my daughter off each morning I know that she will be treated with kindness and love. Miss Kelley is more like an a fabulous aunt than just a child care provider!”